Drama at old Governor’s Office as politicians dish out cash, other gifts

Many voters received cash and other gifts from politicians yesterday to vote for particular candidates in today’s election.

Some beneficiaries of the largesse, who spoke to our correspondents on condition of anonymity, said they got the sum of N4,000 each.

Our correspondents, who were at the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) office where newsmen were being accredited, noticed that people were streaming in and out of the Old Governor’s Office in Ado-Ekiti, the state capital.

Those seen going in and out of the premises were mostly youths as well as middle-aged men and women.

While some ran into the premises apparently to get there before the sharing ended, others walked briskly towards an inner building.

A middle-aged bearded man, apparently a party leader, warned those who had collected theirs and were leaving not to allow any “APC member” near the place.

Looking around as if to identify “APC members” outside the premises, he shouted: “Don’t allow any APC member near here! If any APC member comes near here, I will break his head!”

Empty packs of F1100 Power Torch Fero Mobile phones littered the scene and around the Old Governor’s Office. It was not immediately clear if the phones were earlier shared to would be voters.

The Ekiti governorship election is seen a two-horse race between the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate Dr Kayode Fayemi and his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) counterpart Prof. Kolapo Olusola-Eleka.

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