Drogba – Bad officiating denied Eagles’ victory

The former Chelsea striker who spoke on BBC One said the referee favoured Argentina unjustly with the decision not to award the second penalty.

He said, “I think it’s a bad decision from the referee not to give Nigeria a second penalty]. It’s the defender’s mistake – he didn’t read the ball well.

“It’s difficult to give the penalty because it would take Argentina out of the competition.”

The Referee however turned down the call after the VAR confirmed a no penalty verdict.  It was however the 86th minute of the match that Argentina turned the table after Marcos Rojo converted a well taken corner kick.

Efforts by the Eagles to seek a remedy for the unfortunate scenario failed to yield any result.  The defeat marks a continuation of wins by Argentina over Nigeria at competitive level.

Nigeria had before the world cup, beaten Argentina 4-2.

The group stage exit by the Super Eagles is short fall from the usual round of 16 for which Nigeria has been known.

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